Tips for Winning the Most on Online Slots Machines

In Las Vegas, the most popular type of casino game is slots, so it’s no surprise that the same is true for online casinos! All of my clients, from Bet 365 to Mr. Green Casino to Casumo Casino, feature tons of fun and immersive slots games. Players can choose from a wide range of different games, from classic titles such as Triple Diamond and Mega Moolah, to games with unique storylines such as Mr. Green: Moonlight and Gonzo’s Quest. There are also games that have tie-ins to popular television shows such as Game of Thrones and Orange Is the New Black, and for all you comic book fans out there, you’ll be able to play games featuring your favorite superheroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman from DC as well as Ironman, Thor, and the Hulk from Marvel Comics.

What I’m saying is that when it comes to slots machines, there’s something for everyone!

One of the reasons why slots are the most popular game is that anyone can be a winner! Whether you’re a slots fanatic or it’s the first time you’ve ever played on a slots machine, you can win big if Lady Luck decides to smile upon you. However, this does not mean that you can’t play strategically in order to increase the chances of winning.

Here are some tips that I’ve gathered over the years that you can use to help you win that coveted slots jackpot.

Take the Risk and Play Higher Denominations

If you want to increase the chances of a payout being triggered, look for machines with higher denominations available for playing. For online casinos, slots machines run the gamut from penny slots all the way up to high-roller slots. If you can afford it, go for high-roller slots, or at least, middle of the pack slots that allow you to bet at least a dollar per line.

Keep in mind that machines have payout percentages that are relative to the price per spin. In other words, the bigger the amount that you bet on a spin, the higher the chances that a payout will be triggered.

Bet the Maximum Amount Possible

When playing on slots, bet the maximum amount if you can. Betting the maximum amount allows you to bet on all possible winning combinations and it maximizes that chances of you hitting a payout. What’s more, many slots have in-game features and bonuses that are only activated if you bet on all the lines.

Of course, this kind of playing strategy is only good if you can afford to play the maximum bet for a sustained period. It’s rare that a player will hit a large payout if they only play one or two reels set on the maximum amount. If you’re wary of playing large amounts, try playing on 3-reel games instead of 5-reel games.

Add-Ons and Special Features Aren’t Always Good Things

Every now and again, you might come upon a game that has many special features! There are games these days that feature bonuses such as wild symbols, sticky reels, re-spin triggers, and other bonus features. On the surface, it might make you feel like you’re going to be lucky and win big because there are so many chances of winning.

However, when it comes to online slots, complicated machines often have lower chances of actually winning! Sure, it feels great to hit those bonuses and special features, but if you take the time to analyze the payout structure and schedule, you’ll be forced to bet a lot more money to trigger any of these features. What’s more, the payout is actually smaller compared to what you can win on a classic slots machine.

My best advice is that you should avoid these machines if you’re looking to win big. All these bells and whistles are there just for show and they’re mainly to attract casual players.

Get a Feel for the Game First

Slots machines are designed to be immersive. Whether you’re playing in a Vegas casino or on your mobile phone, these machines will draw you in to make you play as long as possible. That’s why many of these machines have great animation, realistic sounds, and fun bonuses!

If you’ve never played on a particular slots game before, try playing on the app’s free version before playing on the paid version. Luckily, most of the popular casinos offer trial versions of their slots that won’t require you to sign up or deposit any money before you can play. Some casinos such as Pokie Spins Casino and Diamond 7 even offer free spins on credit that you can play on in order to get a “feel” for the slots before they ask you to create an account!

Never “Expect” a Payout

Every amateur casino player I’ve ever met has fallen prey to the fallacy of the “due payout”: the idea that a machine is ready to give out a payout because someone has been playing on it for a long time. The truth is that online slots machines are controlled by a random number generator, with the key word being “random”! This means that machines can give a payout anytime, and anyone who tells you that a machine is due for a payout has no idea what they are talking about!

Learn to Walk Away from a Tight Machine

Yes, tight machines do exist and sadly, they’re all too common even with the large online casinos. These are the machines that keep you playing for a long time without winning anything at all, and you’re going to get sucked in deeper and deeper because you’re going to think “the next one HAS to win”.

As a rule of thumb, if a game has not paid out anything within the first 5 minutes of playing, you’re probably playing on a tight machine and you need to cut your losses and walk away.

Have a Limit and Stick to It

The thing about slots is that it’s just too darned easy to keep playing on the machines without noticing how much time and money you’ve already put in. Again, I’ve met so many people who have quickly exceeded their limit while playing slots because they keep on topping up their account!

When playing on online slots, it’s best to set a limit for yourself. There are options to set the amount and the app will make you pause and think whether you want to continue once you’ve hit that limit.

The bottom line: play with money you can afford to lose!