My Life

Hi, my name is Jeanne Segal. I am a professional in the online gaming industry. I have decided to start this blog because I love to write about various topics. My favorite topics include the technological industry, the world of online gaming and my life in general here in the United Kingdom. I love to communicate with people around the world. I amcurrently writing a spanish article “Juega y gana a las divertidas slots online“.

One of the most amazing things about being part of the technology industry. You really are part of a much larger group of people. We’re all in different places but we’re all dedicated to the same goals in our lives and our work in this important field.

My Family

I’m not just one person in this household. I also have a husband I love who supports me at all times. When we’re not together, we are with our two girls. Charlotte is ten and her sister Louisa is six. My girls are in school each day all day so that leaves me with time during the day to do the things I like to do like writing. Both girls are also into technology already even at this young age. I look forward to watching them grow up and see how the world of technology unfolds in their lives in the coming years as they grow to adulthood and join the workforce.

My Worldview

My worldview is one that I hope everyone everywhere will find just right. I hope to show people how technology can be a huge force for good in their lives. My aim is to offer insights into the kinds of technology that exist in the world. I also want to show off some of the knowledge that I’ve gained from being involved in the world of online gaming. This is a world that is growing increasingly popular. People love to be able to get online and play games either by themselves or with others at the same time. My work centers around their needs and wants. As I’ve gotten to know the gamers personally. I’ve come to respect and admire them even more.