My City

I live in the United Kingdom. For those who don’t know, the United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. My own city here is Manchester. Manchester is one of the largest cities in the United kingdom by population. We are home to over two million people in the entire area. This makes it really easy to make friends and find people you like to hang out with. Manchester is one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom as well. We get thousands of people walking along our city streets in any given day. When I have the chance to get out of my house, I always run into people here from all over the world.

A Northern City

While the United Kingdom is relatively small compared to some places, it’s still one of the world’s largest islands. Manchester is very much in the northern part of England. This means we’re fairly close to Scotland and the highlands. I can easily reach places like Glasgow or Edinburgh. We’re also reasonably close to London, although it’s more of an overnight trip rather than a day trip. The train to London is right near me, making it easy for me to meet with clients who come to see our capital city. I love being part of a vibrant place where I can stroll around and see buildings that date from the ancient Romans and even further back in history.

My Modern Place

As someone deeply interested in technological issues, I find it very easy to keep Manchester my home base. After a nasty bombing, the entire city center was rebuilt. The net result is that it ‘s very easy to find colleagues here who are truly interested in technological developments and enjoy talking shop with me. I love living in a place where the technology industry is thriving. When we came here to raise our kids, we came because the schools were good and the housing prices excellent. Since that time, I’ve only seen the community grow and flourish as new minds move here to be part of our community.