My Background

I get asked a lot of questions as a professional in this field. One of the questions that people probably ask me most is about my own educational background and how I got involved in the world of technology and online gaming. I like to talk about my background because it helps me demonstrate just how open the gaming community is to all those of all backgrounds. Anyone can be part of this community. All you need is the ability to work hard and open mind. This is one of the most open communities I’ve ever been around in my entire life. I love being part of something greater than myself.

My Education

I have a college degree in computer science. I earned my degree at a local university in the United Kingdom. My degree has proven highly useful in my chosen field. As an undergraduate, I studied many different areas of computer science. While a computer degree is not a necessity in the field, it really does help get your feet in the door. Companies in the field are happy to take a chance on anyone of any background but they prefer to work with specialists whenever they can. Getting my computer science degree helped me feel confident enough to enter the field. I knew that I could present my degree as evidence of my own training and skills.

Additional Training

While a college degree in computer science is really useful, it is not the only way to break into the field. If you really want to be at the center of the the field, you need to pay close attention to all developments that happen here. I am not content to sit on my heels and just talk about my degree. I take periodic classes to help learn about new developments of all kinds in the field. This is not hard. I can easily take classes whenever I want either in person or online. Getting new certifications or even just completing a class helps keep me in touch with what’s happening and on top of my own game.